Lemon Water

So every morning we wake up to a nice mug of warm water and lemon! There is thought to be many health benefits to starting your day like this so thought we would list a few for you. Why not give it a go too!

1. Aid Digestion 

Lemon water is a great way to get your digestion system working in the morning! In fact the water itself is great to flush through your system but the lemon gives that extra boost! It aids by loosening toxins in your digestive tract and flushes out unwanted materials. The digestive qualities of lemon juice help to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, belching and bloating.

2. Aids in Weight Loss 

Lemons are very high in pectin fibre, this type of fibre helps us to fight off hunger cravings. So hopefully having one to start the day will help you stay a little less hungry while doing those early morning jobs!

3. Keeps Our Skin Young and Healthy 

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C as well as many other antioxidants. All these can help reduce blemishes and even wrinkles too! Vitamin C is vital for healthy glowing skin while its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. So great for keeping you skin healthy and radiant.

4. Boosts Imune System 

Not only can the vitamin c in lemons help you look younger. But it is also a great source to keep you healthy and boost your immune system! Vitamin C is brilliant for helping us keep those colds and illnesses away!

5. Gives You Energy 

Great when we have got horses to ride and mucking out to do! Lemon is one of the few foods that contain more negative charged ions in it. This provides your body with more energy when it enters the digestive tract.

6. Freshens Breath 

Lemons not only leave you with a super fresh breath, but studies have shown that they can also help relieve toothaches! However because the citric acid can erode tooth enamel, either hold off on brushing your teeth after drinking lemon water or brush your teeth before drinking it.

7. Great Source of Potassium 

They are high in potassium too which stimulates the brain and nerve functions and can also help to control blood pressure and keep a healthy heart.

8. Promotes Healing 

We have already heard about the many benefits of the Vitamin C in lemons but it also promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. As noted previously, vitamin C also displays anti-inflammatory properties. Combined, vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.

9. Makes Us Happy! 

The level of vitamin C in your system is one of the first things to plummet when you’re sad or stressed, which is why experts recommended popping extra vitamin C during especially stressful days. Lemon juice provides your body with energy when it enters your digestive tract, and so can help us reduce anxiety and depression, and make us feel generally happier and better!


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