Top 5 healthy snacks for a busy horsey person!

1. Peanut butter and apple 

This is one of my favourite snacks! And so quick and easy. The apple is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and the peanut butter is full of protein so satisfying your hunger! A great post work out snack that tastes amazing.


2. Handful of raw nuts 

Nuts are of course another high protein snack, hopefully keeping you fuller for longer. These are easy to get hold of from most places if your on the go! Almonds and pistachios are higher in protein than others if your wanting some extra oomph!



3. Hummus and rice cakes or vegetables  

Hummus is always a good idea. Healthy hummus should pretty much just contain chickpeas, olive oil, garlic and tahini. Chickpeas are a good source of fibre, and contain lots of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, zinc and magnesium. Spread it on rice cakes or dip some cucumber or carrot into it! Yummy! pexels-photo-143133.jpeg


4. Cottage cheese and oat cakes 

Cottage cheese is one of those things you either love or hate! But if you do love it its a great snack as its packed with protein and so keeps you feeling full for longer, and it supplies your body with amino acids to help repair tissue and protect muscle mass. So if you’ve had a hard riding or training session then this is a great snack to help your body recover. Add some salmon for some extra yum!




5. Overnight oats pots
Overnight oats are a great snack! Especially as you can make them up when you have the time and let them sit in the fridge (even for a few days) until your ready to use them! All you need to do is add oats, milk/yoghurt and protein powder. Then if you want some extra toppings, like fruit or nuts, add them just before you eat!


Yum! Enjoy 🙂

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