4 ways you can work on improving your riding whilst your snowed in! 

So most of us have been hit by the Beast from the East! And the ground is covered in white stuff! Never mind the FREEZING winds!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-01 at 17.58.31.jpeg

This is beautiful for all of about 10 minutes when you have horses and once you have the horse snow picture, we would quite like it to disappear! Mainly because for most of us it means we can’t ride or exercise our horses. Which is not ideal especially with show season fast approaching.

But don’t worry there are some things you can work on from the comfort of your own home, that can help you prepare and help you be more successful in the saddle for 2018!

  1. Rider Fitness 

So how about instead of spending an hour riding, which is near on impossible in these winds. Spend an hour working on your own fitness! We are strong believers in the fact that you should be as fit as your horse to be successful in the saddle. So find a workout routine and get working on that core! (We posted one earlier – go give it a go!)


  1. Stretching

Not just working out can help us become stronger more balanced riders, but so can stretching. Another really easy thing we can do from home! As horse riders many of us complain of soreness or tightnesses and stretching can really help us and prevent this. Stretching improves our rider biomechanics and imbalances (as most of us will be tighter on one side than the other). Try these three stretches:


  1. Goal Setting 

Now is the perfect time to set yourself some goals for 2018. Whether its to get your horse to trot in good rhythm, to improve your core strength or get to nationals. Its always good to have goals and to write them down. Write down 3-5 goals of what you want to achieve this year from you and your horse and give yourself a focus.

Make sure these goals are SMART so they are realistic and can be achieved. Then pin them on your wall or put them in your diary. (Blog post coming on this soon!)


  1. Planning

Again while your sitting indoors with some free time, get planning! Workout from your goals when you can fit in your training, for you and your horses. Get the diary out and book in some training dates and competitions. Being organised is a top tip to being successful and achieving those goals you just made!


Nobody likes to be out in the cold, but don’t let it stop you having a focus on your riding for 2018! Theres still plenty to do and can all be done from the comfort of your sofa and onesie!

Stay Warm!

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